Ancestors of Estanislao Philipi de la Garza Falcon de Montemayor

Thirty-First Generation


1080912902. King of England Henry Ii of England Plantagenet-3851 was born in England. Henry married (MRIN:1454) Eleanor of Aquitaine-3852.

1080912903. Eleanor of Aquitaine-3852. [Parents]

They had the following children.

540456451 F i Queen of Castile Eleanor Plantagenet-3848 was born in 1162. She died in 1214.

1080912904. Frederick Ii van Hohenstaufen-3859 was born in 1090. He died in 1147. Frederick married (MRIN:1459) Judith Welf of Babaria-3860. [Parents]

1080912905. Judith Welf of Babaria-3860.

They had the following children.

540456452 M i Frederick I Barbarossa von Staufen-3857.

1080912906. Rainald Iii of Burgundy-3863. Rainald married (MRIN:1460) Agathe de Lorraine-3864.

1080912907. Agathe de Lorraine-3864.

They had the following children.

540456453 F i Beatrix of Burgundy-3858 was born in 1144. She died in 1184.

1080912908. Andronikos Angelos Doukas-3867 died on 12 Sep 1185. Andronikos married (MRIN:1462) Euphrosyne Katamonitissa-3868 before 1155 in Of Constantinopl, Constantinople, Turkey.

1080912909. Euphrosyne Katamonitissa-3868.

They had the following children.

M i
Alexios Alexius III Emperor Basilius Angelos-8055 was born about 1130 in Of C, Turkey. He was christened in (Byzantine), (Comnenus), (& Angelus). He died in 1203/1211.
M ii
Isaac Angelus-8054 was born about 1135. He was christened in (Byzantine), blinded by bro., Alexius III. He died after 1203.
M iii
Theodoros Angelos Prince Of Byzantine Empire-8056 was born about 1145 in Constantinople. He died about 1184.
M iv
Angelos Ioannis Prince Of The Byzantine Empire-8057 was born about 1147 in of, Constantinople, Turkey. He died in 1189.
F v
Irini ANGELINA-8058 was born about 1149 in of, Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey. She died after 1186.
M vi
Emperor Isaac II of Angelus-8059 was born about 1150 in family of Angeli son of Andronicus. He died in 1203/1204 in , Constantinople, , Byzantine Empire.
540456454 M vii Issakios Ii Angelus Byzantium-3865 was born in 1155. He died in 1204.
M viii
Byzantine Emperor Isaak II Angelus-8060 was born about 1155 in Of, Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey. He died before 1204 in Constantinople, Turkey. He was buried in Blinded by, brother, Alexias III.
M ix
Konstantinos Angelos Prince Of Byzantine Empire-8061 was born about 1156 in of, Constantinople, Turkey. He died in 1185 in Constantinople, Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey.
F x
Theodora Angela-8062 was born about 1158 in of, Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey. She died.
F xi
Irene Angela-8063 was born in Of, Constantinople, , Byzantine Empire. She died.

1080912912. Raymond Iv, V Berenger de Aragon-3927. Raymond married (MRIN:1488) Petronilla Ramirez of Aragon-3928. [Parents]

1080912913. Petronilla Ramirez of Aragon-3928.

They had the following children.

540456456 M i Alphonso Ii Raimundez "Le /Chaste/" de Aragon-3925 was born on 25 Mar 1157. He died on 25 Apr 1196.

1080912916. William Vii de Monpellier-3923. William married (MRIN:1487) Matilda of Burgundy-3924.

1080912917. Matilda of Burgundy-3924.

They had the following children.

540456458 M i William Viii de Monpellier-3921.

1080912926. Baldwin V of Hainaut-3919. Baldwin married (MRIN:1486) Margerite I of Flanders-3920.

1080912927. Margerite I of Flanders-3920.

They had the following children.

540456463 F i Yoland of Flanders-3918 was born in 1175. She died in 1219.

1080929376. Fernando "The /Brave/" de la Cerda-3758 was born on 4 Jan 1256 in Sevilla, Spain. He died on 25 Jul 1275 in Allariz, Orense, Spain. He was buried in Allariz, Orense, Spain. The /Brave/ married (MRIN:1403) Blanca of France-3759 on 20 Nov 1269 in Spain. [Parents]

1080929377. Blanca of France-3759 was born in 1253 in Jaffa, Palestine. She died after 8 Mar 1851. [Parents]

They had the following children.

540464688 M i Alfonso de la Cerda-3752 was born in 1270. He died in 1334.

1080929378. Jean Iii, I de Brienne-3756 died in 1294. Jean married (MRIN:1405) Beatrix de Chatillon-3757. [Parents]

1080929379. Beatrix de Chatillon-3757 died in 1304. [Parents]

They had the following children.

540464689 F i Mahalda de Brienne-3753 was born in 1256. She died in 1348.

1080929380. Álvaro Pérez de Guzmán-3779 was born about 1220. Álvaro married (MRIN:1407) Isabel (D.)-3780. [Parents]

1080929381. Isabel (D.)-3780.

They had the following children.

540464690 M i Alonso Perez de Guzman-3754 was born in 1284. He died in 1309.

1080929382. Fernando González Coronel-5327. Fernando married (MRIN:1410) *-5328.

1080929383. *-5328.

They had the following children.

540464691 F i Maria Alfonso Coronel-3755 was born in Apr 1287. She died in 1341.

1080929664. Fernando Iii de Castilla-3768. Fernando married (MRIN:1421) Beatrice von Hohenstaufen-3769. [Parents]

1080929665. Beatrice von Hohenstaufen-3769. [Parents]

They had the following children.

540464832 M i Alfonso X de la Cerda of Castilla-3764 was born on 23 Nov 1221. He died on 4 Apr 1284.

1080929666. Jaime I de Aragon-3766 was born in 1208 in Montpellier, France. He died in 1276. Jaime married (MRIN:1422) Violante de Hungria-3767 in 1235 in Barcelona, Spain. [Parents]

1080929667. Violante de Hungria-3767 died in 1251. [Parents]

They had the following children.

540464833 F i Violante de Aragon-3765 was born in 1236. She died in 1301.

1080931724. Juan de la Cerda-3744 was born about 1327 in Spain. He died about 1357 in Torre de Oro, Sevilha, Spain. Juan married (MRIN:1396) Sol Martinez-3745. [Parents]

1080931725. Sol Martinez-3745.

They had the following children.

540465862 M i Martin Gonzalez de la Cerda-3742 was born in 1341. He died in 1350.

1080931726. Alvar Gonzalez de Pereira-3746. Alvar married (MRIN:1397) Marinha Dominques-3747. [Parents]

1080931727. Marinha Dominques-3747.

They had the following children.

540465863 F i Violante Alvarez Pereira-3743.

1080931752. Gonzalo Yanez de Mendoza-3697. Gonzalo married (MRIN:1373) Juana de Orozco-3698.

1080931753. Juana de Orozco-3698. [Parents]

They had the following children.

540465876 M i Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza-3695.

1080931754. Fernan Perez de Ayala-3700. Fernan married (MRIN:1374) Elvira Alvarez de Ceballos-3701. [Parents]

1080931755. Elvira Alvarez de Ceballos-3701. [Parents]

They had the following children.

540465877 F i Aldonza Fernandez de Ayala-3696.

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